Eco-Power Fuels provides a range of environmentally sustainable and cost-effective fuels.

We enable our customers to offset their use of traditional fossil fuels, control costs and further improve environmental performance.


The experience of the Eco-Power Fuels team has enabled the company to develop one of the world’s most extensive alternative fuels networks.

Our customers come from a range of energy-intensive industries including cement and power plants across Europe, Scandinavia and the Far East. We also work with some of the UK’s best-known waste managers to help reduce the environmental and commercial impact of sending residual waste to landfill.

About Eco-Power Fuels

We provide a range of sustainable fuels to energy intensive industries including cement kilns and power stations. Our flagship Eco-Power Pellets, which are produced at our UK facility, are supplied to customers in the UK, Europe and Scandinavia.


Benefits of our fuels

Our market leading Eco-Power Pellets provide a highly sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional fossil fuels for energy intensive industries.