Eco-Power Fuels is part of the Eco-Power Group which provides a range of waste and recycling services to both commercial and municipal customers.

Waste Management

Eco-Power Fuels has the capacity to process in excess of one million tonnes a year across its two sites in Yorkshire & Humberside.

Both sites have excellent transport links, providing a quick and efficient service for third party waste inputs. Our Doncaster facility also benefits from an on-site rail link providing a highly cost-effective transport option for large volumes of waste and our alternative fuel products.



Eco-Power Group employs a range of thermal and mechanical treatment technologies to optimise the amount of recyclable material it recovers from the waste it manages. The extraction of paper, cardboard, metals, fines and plastics ensures that both the environmental and commercial value of these valuable secondary resources is maximised.

“Eco-Power Fuels shipping and logistics experience was vital to the success of our project “


The vast majority of waste that we process passes through our bio drying facility to drive off excess moisture. In addition to reducing the volume of the material, this makes it easier to process and to recover additional recyclable material. It also minimises the moisture content of our alternative fuel products making them highly efficient for our off-takers.

Alternative fuels

Eco-Power Fuels utilises the material that cannot be recycled in the production of its various fuel products. This ensures the energy value of this material is captured and that virtually none of the material we manage needs to be landfilled.

Waste & recycling collection

Eco-Power Group operates a fleet of skip and rollon/ off (RoRo) vehicles across the Hull and East Yorkshire region, servicing both commercial and domestic customers. We take pride in our excellent customer services levels and our ability to recycle over 95% of the material we collect, ensures we always offer highly competitive rates.